September 9, 2017

Do you want to know more about poker?

Poker it is a game of strategy and wits. And what is most important – it is a lot of fun. It can give you great joy and sometimes makes you want to thrash your computer.

Hi my name is Martin and I love poker. About five years ago poker became popular and upon seeing a poker tournament on TV I wanted to try it. But then the problems started. Before that I had never played a game of poker, I did not even understood the rules. Sure I had some friends who played poker, but they were already evolved poker player and though their tips might have been good I simply did not understood them. I needed a sort of introduction into poker, but I did not find any. Sure there were a lot of info on the internet, but most of it was already advanced strategies and tips. Well somehow I managed to grasp the basics of poker and started playing, but I promised myself one thing – Someday I will sum up all my gathered information and make a proper guide for poker beginners. Well I guess the time has come.

Can everyone become a good poker player?

Of course you can. The only thing you need to become a good poker player is a head on your shoulders. Poker can be learnt, always remember that. It does not matter what is your age or gender. Only thing you have to do is learn, though you have to remember that this learning process is a long term undertaking.

What must I do to become a good poker player?

Start small and build. First of all precisely learn the rules of poker. Believe me it is very important. Only if you understand the basic rules of poker, then you can absorb more advanced strategies and tips. You must learn all the possible card combinations because then when you play poker you will be able to see all possible options of how the game might end. Later you even will be able to make fast calculations in your head to determine your chances.

Ok I have learnt the basics of poker. What now?

Learning to play poker is only one part of the whole process. To become a really good poker player one more thing is necessary – experience. And there is only one way how to acquire it – by playing poker. Well we all know that poker is game of money, but do not worry there are a lot of possibilities to play poker just for fun. You can play it with your friends, poker parties can be a lot of fun. But of course you can play poker on the internet and there you can play poker twenty – four hours a day. You do not have to play poker for money there are a lot of places where you can play for free and gather your first experience.

Is it fun to play poker on the internet?

It can be a lot of fun. Well you might be worried that you are only a beginner and do not have enough experience. Remember that you are not the only beginner who plays poker on the internet. Most of the players are also beginners and maybe they are even worse beginners that you consider yourself. You have learnt the basics of poker and that may be your advantage. With each game you will become smarter and more subtle. As I said before poker can be learnt and your skill can be perfected to the maximum. And the more you know the fun you get. Who knows maybe you are the next best poker player in the world and someday you will play in a big tournament while your friends and relatives watch you on the TV.

To finish it of – one of my friends once asked me:

Can you actually make money by playing poker on the internet?

The simple answer is – yeah you can. You only have to be ready to learn a lot and spend a lot of time perfecting your poker skills.